Rome Center Weekend Trips: 1970/71 - James F Palka

February 11-16, 1971 / Diessen trip: I had to take several train connections to get to the small Bavarian town of Diessen, and along the way in a store window, I found this German version of the US political album, “In the Year of the Pig,” which had been very popular during the university strikes of the late 1960s. And speaking of pig… while awaiting the connection, I had enough time to eat my first hearty meal of the day in a rustic coffee shop near the small train station. Being a neophyte with the language, I was fascinated with the odd but vaguely familiar sounding German words describing pig parts available for breakfast. Shweinfleisch was pork, (or literally, “pig flesh”), schweinswurst were pork sausages, speck was bacon, schaschlik was a diced pork platter, and schinken was the word for ham. You could almost smell the pig in a word like schinken.